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CHINA SPEED Episode 05: How can foreign brands reach Chinese consumers through Fintech?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

On 6th Aug, we are excited to have Yassine Regragui on our CHINA SPEED Live to discuss how can Fintech help foreign brands to reach Chinese consumers. Yassine worked at Ant Group, launched and led Alipay’s multilingual App for non-Chinese users. In the LIVE Yassine also shared his informative insights about the future trend of China Fintech industry and how Chinese consumer behaviors influenced by Fintech. To get detailed information please check out replay video here:

00:02:20 Introduction of Yassine Regragui

00:04:30 “Cashless” life in China

00:05:55 Payment landscape in China

00:06:40 China’s Fintech ecosystem

00:08:14 China’s Fintech largest players

00:09:50 Tech ecosystem: East vs West

00:11:17 Introduction of Ant Group

00:14:14 Introduction about Alipay: A payment & lifestyle app

00:15:53 How can Alipay help foreign brands to reach Chinese consumers?

00:17:57 The most used app in China: WeChat

00:19:30 How can WeChat Pay help foreign brands to reach Chinese consumers?

00:24:13 Q: Is “Cashless City” actually good?

00:27:32 Fintech Regulation

00:34:09 Insights about credit scouring in Alipay & WeChat Pay

00:37:21 Comparison of Fintech in China & Western countries

00:42:26 Globalization strategy of Alipay and WeChat Pay

00:47:53 Insights about the future of China Fintech industry

00:52:23 Q&A: How will Fintech players evolve in China with DCEP from government? Will this leverage them or limit them?

00:54:23 Q&A: Do you think there will be interoperability between Alipay, WeChat Pay and others?

01:00:03 Yassine’s China life

Thank you for watching!

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