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Miro Li

Founder of CHINAble Academy & Double V Consulting

Miro is a native Chinese and has been living in Hong Kong for a decade. Graduated from one of the TOP 3 Universities in Hong Kong (CUHK), she joined a Chinese eCommerce startup and was in charge of overseas business development.

In 2017, Miro founded Double V., a consulting company helping overseas brands enter China market from 0 to 1 in e-commerce, branding and marketing.

In order to help more foreign brands better understand Chinese market and consumers, Miro founded CHINAble Academy in 2019, a learning platform providing online courses, webinars and workshops about China e-commerce and marketing to both executives and employees.

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Olivia Plotnick

China Marketing Specialist, Agency Founder

Olivia has a passion for creating content that unites communities, builds awareness and drives engagement for individuals and companies.


Specializing in WeChat, she has managed accounts for brands in China across many different industries and has helped to manage and grow several nonprofit organizations in Shanghai to over 10K community members.


After working in agencies, most recently at Ogilvy’s Shanghai office, Olivia now runs her own boutique social media marketing agency, helping brands in China develop strategies and content for social media.


Her team manages accounts for small brands and startups with a focus on creating high quality content to attract and convert long-term loyal customers.

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Yassine Regragui

Fintech & China Expert

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Dr. Renata Thiebaut

Partner, Head of Business Intelligence at Web2Asia

Renata Thiebaut has lived in China for more than a decade where she implements and enhances ecommerce strategies for European and Latin American companies.


Her professional trajectory includes working with governments such as Russia , United states, Latin American companies like Garoto/Nestle, and several European and north American companies: Unilever, Swarovski, Logitech, etc.


Currently she is involved in developing new retail strategies for European supermarkets.

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Lauren Hallanan

Head of Marketing at Chatly

Lauren is the head of Marketing at Chatly and a Chinese social media marketing consultant, writer and speaker focusing on influencer marketing, live streaming, social commerce, and the rise of Chinese domestic brands.


Lauren is the co-author of the Amazon bestselling book Digital China: Working with Bloggers, Influencers, and KOLs, a contributing writer at Forbes, Jing Daily, and SupChina and host of the China Marketing Podcast

From late 2015 to early 2017, Lauren was a live streamer with over 400K Chinese fans, documenting her experience on her blog, www,

Lauren lived in China for over 8 years where she worked in the marketing, public relations, entertainment, and live streaming industries.

Yassine Regragui is Fintech & China Expert with over 8 years international working experience: 2+ years at Deloitte in Paris and 6 years in China. Yassine started his career in Shanghai as an entrepreneur, then he joined Alibaba Group to launch and lead Alipay’s multilingual app for non-Chinese users. He is currently developing the payment and Chinese consulting practice at Deloitte France.


More details about Yassine here:

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