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Each episode of “CHINA SPEED” series of webinars will be featuring one guest in China e-commerce and marketing industry, ranging from Chinese e-commerce marketplace and social media platforms to MCNs and influencers. Each of them will share their valuable insights and years of experience through live streaming. Stay tuned!

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Episode 01

Consumer Trends in China

Post COVID-19

Guest: Tmall Global

How can Tmall Global help brands react and recover from COVID-19? The talk will answer these questions with practical case studies and marketing strategy tips.


Episode 04

Indie Brands' Secret of Success

in China

Guest: SuperOrdinary —— Julian Reis

In this episode  Julian Reis, CEO & founder of SuperOrdinary, which is a beauty incubator that has been working with emerging beauty brands like Farmacy, Drunk Elephant etc. shared his experience and insights on building indie beauty brands from 0 to 1.


PODCAST: Social Commerce in China

By China Business Cast

In this Episode you will hear the entrepreneur story from Miro, understand the consumer behavior of Gen Z in China, and learn more about the Gen Z targeting social media platforms Bilibili and Xiaohongshu.



PODCAST: Not on Bilibili yet? Here's why your brand should consider it.

By Lauren Hallanan and Miro Li

This podcast helps you get a better grasp of Bilibili and briefly explained what makes Bilibili unique and how can brands use it.

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