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CHINA SPEED Episode 01: Consumer Trends in China Post COVID-19

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

In this episode, Miro Li, founder of CHINAble Academy, interviewed Chloe Goncalves, International Business Development Manager of Tmall Global – Alibaba Group, on the topic of “Consumer Trends in China Post COVID-19”. COVID-19 brought huge impact on Chinese consumers’ behavior and brands. How can Tmall Global help brands react and recover from COVID-19? The talk between Miro and Chloe will answer these questions with practical case studies and marketing strategy tips. Let’s find out in this webinar:

02:30 Introduction of Chloe Goncalves

06:34 What is Tmall Global (TMG) & Tmall Classic?

07:37 Consumer & Category Trends on Tmall Global

08:55 How can Tmall Global help brands react to COVID-19? **Special offer**

15:31 1000 New Brands Plan

18:25 High Growth Categories

19:18 Trending Products for Chinese Consumers

20:06 **Tmall Global merchant application channel**

21:07 What should brand learn before entering China?

23:54 8 Strategic Consumer Segments on Tmall

30:07 Case study 1: ILADO (Mother & Baby Brand from France) – Creating a new trend in China

31:45 Case study 2: FILORGA – Excellent growth in China

33:47 Case study 3: Proven (Health care brand from UK) – New shop success case

35:20 Final tips for brands & Get prepared for 11.11

46:25 Q&A: Tmall Luxury Soho Vs. Tmall Luxury Pavilion?

48:42 Q&A: What is the importance of KOLs in this entertainment landscape of Tmall?

51:02 Q&A: How should a company based in Europe handle logistics?

54:34 Q&A: Is Tmall Global a good strategy for cruelty free brands?

55:16 Q&A: Tmall Overseas Fulfillment (TOF) Vs. Tmall Direct Import (TDI) Vs. Tmall Global Flagship Store

57:48 Q&A: Can European companies send products to Free Trade Zone without Chinese certificates such CFDA certificate?

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