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CHINA SPEED Episode 06: BEYOND MARKETING: The Future of Social Impact Brands in China

How to build a social impact brand in China from scratch? “In the early stages with limited budget, you can build community speaking.” ”We are not trying to market to anyone, we are trying to inspire our community members.” Olivia shared her experience in our CHINA SPEED Live on Sept 3rd 2020. When being asked if she would choose KOL or KOC for her brand LUÜNA naturals, Olivia answered “KOC” with no hesitation.

LUÜNA naturals is an Asia social impact period care company. In the Live, Olivia Cotes-James, the CEO and founder of LUÜNA naturals, shared with us her unique insights and tips for both new brands and female entrepreneurs. We discussed menstrual care market, women empowerment trends in China, and LUÜNA’s community building strategy. Olivia also shared her experience in working with big companies and building brand ambassadors with KOL/KOC. For more details please check out the video.

00:03:28 Introduction of LUÜNA and Olivia

00:04:21 Why & how Olivia started her entrepreneur life?

00:13:08 The story behind the brand name: LUÜNA

00:14:38 Women empowerment in China

00:19:44 How to build community from zero and how to educate customers?

00:23:54 Goals of LUÜNA in the next several years

00:26:06 The differences between China and other countries on social impact

00:28:00 Other special marketing strategies of LUÜNA: KOL collaborations, content marketing etc.

00:32:23 Collaborations with big companies

00:41:11 The role of male in the female period care

00:46:46 Tips for new brands with limited budget

00:52:03 Tips for female entrepreneurs

00:54:32 How to build a global team?

00:58:48 Q&A: KOL or KOC? Which one do you think is more influential to your brand?

00:59:49 Q&A: Which social media platforms do you prefer for marketing?

01:01:29 Q&A: What kind of social impacts are particularly resonating among Chinese audience?

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