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CHINA SPEED Episode 04: Indie brands' secret of success in China

On 16th July, we are honored to welcome Julian Reis, the founder of SuperOrdinary, to share with us his insights about bringing international indie beauty brands to China. SuperOrdinary is a beauty incubator that has been working with emerging beauty brands like Farmacy, Drunk Elephant, and Supergoop etc. For more details please check out the video.

00:02:00 Introduction of SuperOrdinary

00:10:58 Why beauty industry?

00:13:14 How to choose brands?

00:17:07 How to start from 0 to 1 in China market?

00:21:10 How to grow bigger from 1 to 100?

00:25:40 How important is it to work with KOLs/KOCs, and how to select high-quality KOLs/KOCs?

00:29:26 The potential of clean beauty brands in China market

00:30:13 Does SuperOrdinary plan to expand to other markets besides China?

00:31:28 How does COVID-19 affect beauty market?

00:33:45 Thoughts about Perfect Diary

00:35:32 Threats from C-beauty?

00:37:32 Things brands can learn from C-beauty

00:40:10 Is private traffic also suitable for international brands?

00:42:26 Insights about animal testing

00:46:27 Biggest challenges to bring a new brand to China market

00:50:52 Q&A: Is men’s grooming/skincare becoming a hot topic?

00:52:45 Q&A: Which platforms are recommended for personal care brands besides Xiaohongshu or Douyin, etc.?

00:53:43 Q&A: How to allocate the marketing budget among different distribution channels when first launched in China?

00:55:44 Q&A: Views on emerging boutiques such as Little B, HARMAY in terms of branding and sales

00:58:52 Q&A: What’s the minimum budget to launch in China market?

00:59:38 Q&A: How to work with Tik Tok’s recently launched beauty-focused platform?

01:00:45 Q&A: Views on launching a multi-brand platform in China

Thank you for watching!

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