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CHINA SPEED Episode 02: The Future of Travel Retail after COVID-19

On 10 June, we talked with business development director Stephie Yang from Jessica’s Secret on the topic “The Future of Travel Retail after COVID-19”. Jessica’s Secret is an app that offers price comparison and shopping guide of duty-free shops and shopping malls to 1.8 million Chinese outbound tourists, covering over 60 global shops. In this webinar, Stephie shared with us how COVID-19 changed Chinese tourists’ behavior, how travel retail industry could digitalize, and how can Jessica’s Secret help brands and travel retailers to recover. Find out answers here by watching the webinar:

00:04:36 Introduction of Jessica’s Secret and Stephie Yang

00:08:43 Features of Jessica’s Secret

00:10:20 Users Demographic of Jessica’s Secret

00:14:51 How has COVID-19 changed Customer behaviors?

00:19:59 How is travel retail industry tackling with the changes?

00:21:53 How can Jessica’s Secret help travel retailers?

00:26:19 Build a cross border e-commerce App for King Power Thailand

00:27:50 Live streaming

00:32:04 The strengths of e-commerce in travel retail

00:33:45 Reaction of travel retail e-commerce in COVID-19

00:36:33 Cases on Jessica’s Secret (Including open screen, homepage banner campaign)

00:37:54 The cooperation models with retailers

00:39:12 Case Study: Cash back campaign with King Power

00:41:25 Jessica’s Price AI tracking system

00:45:03 Final tips for brands & retailers

00:47:39 Q&A: Is price the most important factor that will influence customers’ decision making? If I cannot compete on price, how can I attract customers?

00:50:36 Q&A: How do you generally collect data from the vendors?

00:52:25 Q&A: Do you think after COVID-19 when travel restrictions are lifted, there will be revenge shopping, especially for luxury brands?

00:55:05 Q&A: Do you have your own domestic bonded warehouse? How can we handle logistics?

00:56:36 Q&A: If shipping cross border, will the price become less competitive because of extra tax?

00:58:06 Q&A: What ‘s the biggest challenge for your business during this special period? How will you solve it?

01:00:11 Q&A: Do you think since Hainan / China domestic duty free offer many incentives for cross-border shoppers, will they expect to buy less in Europe?

01:06:08 Q&A: Do you have subsidiary in Europe?

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