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CHINA SPEED Episode 03: Insider Tips from a Gen Z Influencer and Entrepreneur

On 2nd July we are pleaed to talk to Lei Wen, an influencer who has 320k followers on RED (Xiaohongshu). In this episode Lei share with us her insights about user behavior and popular content types on RED, Bilibili & Weibo, and how to create an effective KOL campaign. She has also given practical and useful tips to brands when they are collaborating with KOLs. Let’s check out more details in the video~

02:30 Introduction of Lei (The guest)

03:09 When & why did Lei decide to start her influencer career?

06:00 Why did Lei choose RED?

08:10 Why did Lei open an account on Bilibili?

09:33 What are the user behavior and content differences among social platforms RED, Bilibili and Weibo?

18:04 How to select brands to work with?

19:19 Process of working with brands

21:13 Case study 01: Bobbi Brown

23:05 Case study 02: YSL

26:38 How to balance commercial posts and non-commercial posts?

31:04 Challenges of working with brands and tips for brands

39:30 Relationship with MCN

44:00 Insights about live streaming

49:23 Entrepreneur life

53:38 Q & A: How to stand out from other KOL and maintain popularity in the long term?

56:42 Q & A: Is the gender inequity for women entrepreneurs as significant in China as in Western countries?

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