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Daxue Talks: User behaviors and how brands react on XiaoHongShu during and after COVID-19

Miro Li was invited by Daxue Consulting to record a series of talk about digital marketing during COVID-19 crisis. This episode will cover following questions:

1. How has COVID-19 affected users’ behavior on XiaoHongShu?

2. What topics are hot on XiaoHongShu during COVID-19?

3. What kind of KOLs gained popularity during the coronavirus outbreak?

4. Interesting cases of how brands on XiaoHongShu adapted to new conditions during COVID-19

5. How have brands’ behaviors on XiaoHongShu changed during COVID-19?

6. Information about testing function “Shu Shops (薯店)” on XiaoHongShu.

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