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Daxue Talks: How COVID-19 influences brands and users’ behaviors on Bilibili?

The 2nd episode of the “Digital marketing during COVID-19 crisis” talk produced by Miro Li and Daxue Consulting is here! Bilibili, as a fast-growing video sharing community, has reached 172 million MAU and 51 million DAU. It has become a must-have social platform for brands to build awareness. Below are main topics included in this video:

1. What kind of KOLs gained popularity during the coronavirus outbreak?

2. How have brands’ behaviors on Bilibili changed during the coronavirus?

3. Suggestions to brands that currently want to launch campaigns on Bilibili.

4. How did Bilibili users respond to COVID-19?

5. Bilibili generally targets Gen Z consumers. How do brands appeal to Gen Z during

COVID-19 (with practical examples)?

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